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Statistical Process Control / SPC

SYNCOS SPC (Statistical Process Control) ensures seamless support: simple, consistent and efficient - so that errors do not go into serial production. Whether for individual production, for small or large series.

The most important features at a glance

  • Classical sample test in small and large series and sample size 1 and 100% test
  • Cost reduction by connecting digital test equipment and measuring devices
  • Automatic check for plausibility and / or process infringement (independent warnings)
  • Maximum user-friendliness: User-friendly user interfaces, individual mask design and keyboard layout (optionally via touch-screen monitor) and online support by instruction and illustration
  • Detailed fault documentation to support continuous process optimization
  • Nester-related control charts / testonly necessary for active nests
  • Triggering internal complaints / supplier complaints
  •  Creation of routing documents
  • Active QM System
  • Characteristic diagram, cross-order control cards, correlation of characteristics
  • qs-Stat conform“ / Q-DAS gateway (QFD)

Statistical Process Control / SPC

Thanks to minimal user intervention, which requires low system knowledge, thanks to user-friendly interfaces, which make introduction and acceptance easier and thanks to the support of a system that helps to constantly learn from errors.

Inspection Results

The production-accompanying test includes a control circuit for input and output tests. In this way, target deviations, which are creeping in the process, are quickly recognized, objectively corrected and documented for future processes.