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Audit Management

SYNCOS Audit Management is the proven tool for consistent processing of all audit types. Thus, you will always reach your defined quality goal. Obtain, stabilize and ensure your valuable supplier connections and prevent intern friction losses – local, regional and global as well.

The most important features at a glance

  • Comprehensive tool for optimal audit management for all processes
  • Consideration of all audit sources and audit types (internal and external, supplier, process, system)
  • Quick introduction of immediate measures
  • Seamless consolidation (“Drill Down”) of detailed analyses with SYNCOS Reports and SYNCOS Analyses
  • Communication of all tasks is made easier by mail system or workflow management
  • The basic application allows the connection to Microsoft Office for further processing with known tools e.g. offline processing with SYNCOS living documents without any additional costs
  • Fast cost analysis by parallel cost recording and allocating (by customers, suppliers, cost centers, etc.)

Audit 2 Go


Planning Audits, taking and pursuing measures

Only informed players can actively participate in troubleshooting and error avoidance. Thus, all tasks are directly forwarded to all participants by a company-wide mail system or workflow management. The useful feature

SYNCOS Today shows all non-completed jobs and due dates to every user right after program start and heightens the perception for priorities in his area of responsibility.