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SYNCOS Project Management | APQP consists of various stages. Input values and output values can be defined for each of them. Specific activities are necessary for meeting the results, depending on the project stage.

  • Planning- and determination program
  • Product-, construction- and development program
  • Process-, planning- and development program
  • Product- and process certification program
  • Feedbacks, evaluation and improvement measures

 The key questions of quality management are answered by stages of project management:

  • Are we able to produce our products within the necessary and required specifications?
  • Do we really produce our products within the required specification limits?
  • Can we verify that our products were produced within the specifications?

The most important features at a glance

  • Optimized production management
  • Improved quality pre planning
  • Graphical scheduling allows fast moving of project steps
  • Checklist function for easy result acquisition
  • Central planning, monitoring and management of documents and information
  • Linkage with other SYNCOS functions (articles, FMEA, audit, order, MSA,…)
  • Project management complies with the standard (QS9000 and Ford)
  • Stage specific project management
  • Goal-oriented and process-oriented execution of projects and project stages
  • Definition, distribution and tracking of measures and instruments for process assurance and quality assurance
  • Graphical monitoring of the processing progress of project steps