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Control Plan

With SYNCOS Control Plan, the whole documentation of all quality assuring measures for every production step succeeds. You create detailed control plans for various purposes and still have the total overview.

The most important features at a glance

  • Documentation of all quality assuring measures
  • Allocation to each production step
  • Consistent quality planning over all inspection bodies (process steps
  • Detailed control plans in accordance to QS 9000 or AIAG o individual forms for all application areas (prototypes, pilot and serial production, etc.)
  • Control plans for all assemblies at all levels
  • Clear, graphical representation

Control Plan

As a clip holds many documents, SYNCOS bonds your diverse processes for quality planning, as it is demanded in practice. In accordance to your control plan forms (QS 9000 or AIAG or individual forms), you can effortlessly create detailed control plans for prototypes, pilot and serial production, team- and schedule management – even for assemblies at all levels.


Capturing of production-related process steps

Use the graphical representation of all process steps – beginning in the goods receipt, pursuing with inspections during production, ending in the goods issue, for an easy complete overview.