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Planning Board

The most important features at a glance

  • Significant order scheduling with dynamic deadline monitoring
  • Display of all orders assigned to suitable machines (operation view)
  • Resource availability visualizes bottlenecks and imminent schedule clashes
  • Simulation mode enables tests of planned sequences
  • Dynamically updated machine scheduling
  • Consideration of ERP / PPS appointments
  • Inclusion of weekly and holiday planning as well as business calendars
  • Dynamic setup times
  • Fully graphical user interface with attachments and process pictures

Dynamically updated machine scheduling

In the case of dynamic changes, the remaining run times of the active and necessary resources of all subsequent planned orders are automatically taken into account. The thus-prepared, always up-to-date machine design plan informs all involved how the difficult balance between appointments and rationally used resources can be achieved in the best teamwork realistically.

BDE and MDE information correspond to the active detailed scheduling, so that you always have a comparison between plan and actual.

In addition, SYNCOS automatically notifies you about any deviations from the plan that occur due to production events, such as unplanned shutdowns of your machines.