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Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

The decision for SYNCOS MDA is easy for practitioners. They can acquire all relevant machine data easily, unerringly and user-friendly to react fast and appropriately regarding disturbances or delays for optimally managing their production – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The most important features at a glance

  • User-friendly, automated acquisition of all relevant machine data as base for corrective measures of weaknesses, reduction of downtimes and improvement of the utilization
  • Allocation of machine impulses to the order
  • Recognition of the conditions “production” and “downtime”
  • Documentation of downtime reasons automatically or as mandatory entry of the machine operator
  • Tabular presentation of information of the process (quantities, machine data and order data) for the whole order or shift-related
  • Acquired order data: comparison of target and actual data, quantities, cycle time and terms
  • Terms and cycle times of every shift
  • Downtimes including downtime reasons, order progress, released and locked quantities, quantity of defective goods
  • Documentation of user, date and duration  in case of downtimes

Overview of the actual status at any time

You can monitor machines and quantities automatically and gather reliable key figures. The machine impulses activate the allocation to the order right at the beginning of the order automatically via the gateway or COM computer. Thus, the program realizes the machine condition “production” or “downtime”

Automated monitoring is indispensable, when a manual acquisition is unsuitable due to the quantities to be acquired or other process data; or when the recording of the process does not approve of deviations from the real process flow.