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Control Center

The SYNCOS control center provides the information technology bridge between production planning and operational production.

The most important features at a glance

  • Visualization and control instrument for the entire production
  • Control monitor ensures easy recording of the situation by clear color coding
  • Overview through compact set-point / actual displays (number of pieces, running times, test status, maintenance intervals, deadlines, machines and tools)
  • Display of active cavities / nests
  • Control room also available from the home office or mobile
  • Group monitor for visualization of machine and workplace groups (feedback of piece information such as reject quantity, recording of standstill reasons, order, article drawing number and name)
  • Additional data access by integration of additional SYNCOS modules (SPC, maintenance, etc.)
  • Machine monitor for entering standstill reasons, layer notices, quality-tested batch numbers, batches as well as calling up the test data acquisition at the workplace

Control panel console as central navigation system

SYNCOS machine pact, customized to your production, displays the most important information (including states, set-point comparison and MES indicators) of plants and machines graphically.

KPIs with just one click