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SYNCOS MES: Link between ERP and the shop floor

SYNCOS MES: For production and quality

The requirements of the market are aimed at a closed control loop. SYNCOS MES meets these requirements in a comprehensive and process-oriented manner and consequently supports an integral production control loop. SYNCOS MES supports quality (CAQ) and production management (BDE, MDE, production fine planning) including personnel deployment planning.

SYNCOS MES facilitates all necessary dynamic and production-oriented control loops that are required for a modern production and cannot be covered by ERP/ PPS systems by standardising and synchronising the subprocesses in the production.

The use of SYNCOS MES enables you to acquire new information from the various involved systems that has not been available so far or could only be obtained with extensive manual acquisition effort. This information is available to you for the timely planning and control of the production processes and a real-time flow of information within the value creation chain now.

From the manufacturing, this information may also be used for the decision making and reaction in the current production process as well as the optimisation of the superordinate business processes due to the fact that SYNCOS MES collects, consolidates and checks the plausibility of the production data directly and in real time.

SYNCOS MES offers the optimum information density to each target group: Faster access to basic information for the management, comprehensive overviews for the production leader and quality manager level and in-depth details for the professionals at the machines.