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What you may expect From us

Our services are based on the understanding of needs, processes and technologies. We take care of your MES System from the frst appraisal to the maintenance in the ongoing operation.

You can depend on it: The reliable integration of MES solutions in complex systems always requires extensive know-how and excellent project management. At the beginning of each project, we listen to you with utmost care to ensure that we can accurately assess your requirements.

Our consultants possess many years of experience and broadly diversifed expert knowledge on products and industries. They consult you with regard to the process-oriented reproduction of your quality and production processes directly on site.

As individual as possible

SYNCOS MES is modular and exhibits many configuration options. As a result, you receive your individual MES
solution which has been exactly adapted to the needs of your company. We work closely or in partnership
with your IT experts and jointly analyse your production and automation technology to ensure that SYNCOS MES may be integrated in a seamless manner in the processes of your company.

Last but not least, the successful use of SYNCOS MES also depends on the users. Because of that, we convey the necessary knowledge for all performance features you selected in the context of intensive training. A modular training concept ensures that individual training is provided to each user.

Our experts train with your specifc usage examples in your company in that context. The data generated throughout is available to you for continued use afterwards. Following the roll-out of SYNCOS MES in your company,we still remain your contact for additional questions.